Red mountains as far as the eye can see

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Join the La Madre Tierra team on Tuesday, July 23, for our first-ever virtual convening, where we’ll be bringing together Indigenous and Latine leaders, allies, and advocates into a single space to surface collective solutions to the most pressing problems that our communities are facing — from disinformation to challenges in public narratives, to resources not fully reaching important organizing work on the ground, and more.

The convening will last from 9 am to 2 pm PDT. During that time together, we will be focusing on:

  • Building community among climate-advocate leaders, funders, and other key stakeholders that organize Indigenous and Latine audiences online.
  • Facilitating skills building by sharing the latest insights gathered from online content testing and using online data and narrative-building practices to expand advocates’ reach among these communities.
  • Identifying gaps in our work by engaging in pressing discussions that surface critical gaps and barriers that get in the way of reaching Indigenous and Latine audiences effectively.
    Proposing pathways forward to address these gaps and build power collectively in a transformative way and to expand the power and influence of groups on the ground already working in these communities.

La Madre Tierra (LMT) is an online hub that wields community power for equitable access to tech, data, and capacity. We resource advocates with tech, data, and digital strategies to better engage and mobilize Latine and Indigenous communities into political power for action — envisioning a future where Indigenous and Latine power is effectively mobilized into political power for action. We aim to reflect the traditions and lineages of those who’ve come before us, while moving toward a more just, equitable, and connected world for Indigenous and Latine communities in the realm of climate change, environmental injustice, and other intersecting forms of oppression our communities face.