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La Madre Tierra

An online hub that wields Indigenous and Latine community power for equitable access to tech, data, and capacity building.

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Theory of Change

Let’s get one thing straight – this work didn’t start with us. Rather, we are building on generations of Indigenous knowledge and standing on the shoulders of giants who have fought, and in some cases even died, in the name of environmental justice and conservation. Consequently, La Madre Tierra (LMT) aims to equip Indigenous & Latine social justice advocates with the latest digital advocacy tools needed in the fight for clean, healthy, and resourced communities. 

Our work is a response to the urgent need to better resource and mobilize Indigenous and Latine communities in the fight against climate change, environmental injustice, misinformation, and other intersecting forms of oppression our communities face.  Despite often bearing the disproportionate consequences of climate change, while also developing the most innovative solutions to climate resiliency, our communities remain severely underfunded and under supported. 


Our Theory of Change wields and amplifies the already existing power of Indigenous and Latine communities online through the following: 

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Collecting data to inform strategies and tactics

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Ethical Storytelling

Stories of by and about the people most impacted

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Testing + Refining

Testing and fine-tuning messages

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Convening and insight capturing to guide future movement and power-building

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Relationship Building

Creating a learning hub of successful initiatives and strategies

Our Partners

Green Latinos

Luchando por la Liberación Ambiental

Latine Environmental Movement Building

Tó Nizhóní Ání

Sacred Water Speaks

Advocating for + protecting Diné lifeways on Black Mesa


Advancing social justice with tech, media, and culture

La Madre Tierra played a vital role in our #StopCopCity organizing support efforts, rallying TikTok influencers to co-power young voices taking action against ecological destruction and police militarization. Our shared commitment to protecting people and planet moves us to advance transformational, intersectional social justice for all.

Matt Nelson, Executive Director,

Stop Cop City Graphic

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