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About Us

Building power — by the community, for the community

Harnessing Indigenous & Latine power for equitable access to tech, data, and capacity building

Harnessing Indigenous & Latine power for equitable access to tech, data, and capacity building

The Issue: 

Indigenous and Latine communities are consistently targeted online with misinformation on a variety of issue areas, most notably on climate change, clean energy, and the environment. 

Additionally, conversations around environmental and climate issues are often dominated by white or Western – centered environmentalism that erases and misrepresents the lived experiences of Indigenous and Latine communities in the U.S. and in the Global South. One of the most notable examples of this can be seen in the lack of accessible information on climate and environmental health available in Spanish.

Consequently, the seed of La Madre Tierra (LMT) was planted by a group of environmental justice activists who wanted to better engage with, inform, and mobilize Indigenous & Latine audiences online. 

LMT is an  online hub by and for Indigenous & Latine communities that aims to resource environmental advocates with tech, data, and digital strategies to better engage and mobilize communities both online and offline.

The Solution:

La Madre Tierra resources advocates with tech, data, and digital strategies to better engage and mobilize Indigenous and Latine communities into political power for action.  

La Madre Tierra envisions a future where Indigenous and Latine power is effectively mobilized into political power for action. We aim to reflect the traditions and lineages of those who’ve come before us, while moving toward a more just, equitable, and connected world for Indigenous and Latine communities in the realm of climate change, environmental injustice, and other intersecting forms of oppression our communities face.

Theory of Change

We believe it’s an injustice to not center Indigenous and Latine voices in climate and energy issues that directly impact their livelihoods. This is why we are dedicated to building partnerships with Indigenous and Latine conservation change agents, organizations, and leaders committed to climate conservation.

Through intentional listening, learning, and advocacy, we can ensure important conversations and decisions are inclusive of the voices that have long been misrepresented or unheard.

Our Theory of Change wields and amplifies the already existing power of Indigenous and Latine communities online through: 

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Collecting data to inform strategies and tactics.

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Ethical Storytelling

Stories of, by, and about the people most impacted.

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Testing + Refining

Testing and fine-tuning messages.

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Convening and insight capturing to guide future movement and power-building.

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Relationship Building

Creating a learning hub of successful initiatives and strategies.

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Our Partners

La Madre Tierra is a collaborative effort between a diverse set of organizations, change agents, and communities, all dedicated to preserving and enjoying our public lands for generations to come.

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Who We Are

La Madre Tierra is an online resource hub hosted by Resource Media: a nonprofit communications firm working exclusively in support of social change. Drawing from diverse backgrounds, the La Madre Tierra hub leverages our skills in community organizing, design, video production, marketing, and more, to ensure Indigenous and Latine communities have the tools to share and amplify their own stories. 

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Conservation History

While often overlooked and misrepresented, conservation history and tradition in Indigenous and Latine environments within the U.S. goes back decades. It’s time to understand and elevate their legacy behind these real and lived experiences.

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